L A S T . N I G H T .

Last night I spilt Tom McCarthy’s beer all over the dance floor…

While we were playing on the music, Tom and I moved closer to each other, but when my hand touched his … his beer slip out of his hand and hit the ground as if the glass was shocked his-self.Tom-cat and I stood still and looked at each other and than looked at the ground.

The glass was burst into thousands of pieces and the beer was white from foam. Shoes and bags got wet, T-shirts were drowning and jeans will never forget what got over them … it was like poetry, Tom said!


I had one of those moment again …
Those moments where I sleep and while sleeping I realise how fragile life is.
These are the most realistic moments I have in life. I like them … but they also scare me because it is then and there when I realise that there is death and no one can tell what it looks like. It seems so unrealistic when your alive and kicking!
So I couldn’t help but wonder: It took us nine month’s to develop life, but do we realise that it can be over in less or more than 9sec.
We didn’t ask for it and we didn’t take it, it was given to us and it can be taking away at any moment of the day.
I know that I shouldn’t think about death and what comes after as deeply as I do, but at times I just can’t help it. Sometimes I think I’m to curious about life after death, that I am afraid that I will find out sooner than I hope …